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Security Camera

Your Data. Your Way.

We understand the uniquely diverse needs of our customers and the markets that they serve. Our configurable solutions allow us to work in partnership with each customer to ensure the best results. 


Leverage the Power of Spot-level Data

Security Cameras


Our team of experts will provide you with an optimal camera plan to cover all of your parking spots. We can do the full installation or provide the specs to an installer of your choice.

Data Cloud

Connect & Configure

The SpotGenius secure cloud remotely connects to your cameras and is customized and tailored to monitor and manage the unique data requirements of your parking lot.

Data Analyst
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Integrate & Customize

SpotGenius APIs can be integrated with 3rd party payment and ticketing systems to bring next level of efficiency to your parking management. 

View &

Use any browser to manage and remotely view real-time spot/zone availability and analytics of your parking lot. Configure custom alerts for triggers and violations.

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Cloud-Based Anytime Access

Integration APIs


SpotGenius Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of Vision AI Technology and how it can help you manage differently. 

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What are you waiting for? Let us show you what the power of data can do.

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