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Cars in parking spaces


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Your Eyes in the Parking Lot

 Powerful Insights. Better Results. 

Accurate, real-time parking data to manage differently. 

Hit play and see what AI technology can do for you. 

How Does
it Work?

SpotGenius's advanced Vision AI Technology easily integrates into existing or new camera feeds. Data is quickly and instantly acquired and analyzed giving you the power to manage differently. 

Security Cameras

Formulate successful parking strategies based on real-time, spot-level usage and data. 


Optimize Capacity
Violation Enforcement
Permit & Spot Management
Dynamic Pricing
& Reservations
Improved User Experience
Parking Lot Full of Cars

Markets Served

Parking professionals from many industries can realize the benefits of SpotGenius technology. Revolutionize the way you manage your properties with new levels of data. Let our experts create a custom configured solution for your needs. 

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What are you waiting for? A solution to your unique parking challenges is just a click away. 

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